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ADI innovative products include: amplifiers and linear products, data converters, audio and video products, broadband products, clock and timing ICs, optical fiber and optical communication products, interfaces and isolation, MEMS and sensors, power and thermal management, processors and DSPs, RF and IF ICs, switches and multiplexers, etc.


Model Manufacturer Date Code Description Inquiry
ADXL345BBCZ Analog Devices 15+ LGA Click Here
ADXL354BEZ Analog Devices 202046+ CLLCC-14 Click Here
ADG1234YCPZ Analog Devices 0941+ LFCSP-20 Click Here
AD9850BRSZ-REEL Analog Devices 19+ SSOP28 Click Here
SSM2335CBZ-REEL Analog Devices   LFCSP-8 Click Here
SSM2305CPZ-REEL Analog Devices   LFCSP-8 Click Here
SSM2315CBZ-REEL Analog Devices   QFN9 Click Here


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