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The Power Bank is divided into several categories?

Mobile Power Pank(MPP), also called charging treasure, travel charger, etc., is a portable charger that integrates power supply and charging functions. It can charge mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital devices anytime, anywhere. Generally, lithium batteries (or dry batteries, less common) are used as power storage units, which are convenient and quick to use.


1. AC plug type

Portable power supply with folding AC plug - Folding in-line mobile power: It can be directly plugged into the household socket to charge the product itself, integrating the charger and mobile power function, more practical and portable.

2. LCD screen display

Mobile power with LCD display. With the development of mobile power [4], users are not only satisfied with charging, but more users are pursuing security and personality. Some mobile power supplies in the market have worked hard on the outer casing and battery type to produce a mobile power supply with a digital display mobile power supply. Such products generally use pure cobalt batteries to reduce the error in the display of electricity.
Different types of mobile power core components, in brief, have two parts, one is the medium that stores the power, and the other is the medium that converts other energy into electricity. Therefore, the quality of the battery can be used as one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of mobile power.
Mobile power, designers consider design from environmental, art, portable and many other aspects. Further individual adjustments were made to the market. Once again, it brings a new design concept to the mobile power industry. The main idea of mobile power is called mobile power, which is still portable and lightweight.
3. Split superposition
A split-type mobile power supply, which is a combination of multiple energy blocks, not only looks novel and chic, but also very fun and full of fun. The body is equipped with a liquid crystal display that accurately displays the remaining battery capacity. Each energy block has a nominal power of 2600 mAh, which can be stacked together to expand the total capacity to meet the needs of users with different power requirements.
4. Stylish and compact
The emergence of mobile power has undoubtedly alleviated the problem of insufficient power consumption of smart terminals at this stage. The portable and mobile features of mobile power have brought us great convenience. The mobile power supply is now a portable product. On the basis of ensuring the product capacity, how to reduce the volume of the product, making the product more compact and portable is one of the trends in the appearance of mobile power supply technology innovation! Secondly, how to apply the advanced industrial design concept and even the humanistic concept to the design of mobile power, make the mobile power supply feel more comfortable and more fashionable, and it is also the trend of mobile power technology innovation.
5. Built-in charging line type
Mobile power supply with built-in charging cable. Mobile power supply for users, in addition to being able to charge digital products, users must pursue the portability of mobile power. Therefore, the built-in charging line of mobile power came into being. With the built-in charging cable, users can no longer be bothered by the lack of charging lines and adapters. Only Jishangjia obtained the patent certificate for the built-in three-in-one mobile power appearance patent and utility model. This built-in three-in-one mobile power supply has built-in Apple charging cable, MICRO charging cable and MINI charging cable, which is compatible with most mobile phones on the market.
6. LED light type
A mobile power supply with LED lighting and charging function, which is currently the most popular on the market. The advantage is that this type of mobile power supply has a large capacity, and LEDs are convenient for lighting in the case of dark light, which is very suitable for professional external power supply.
7. With solar type
This type of mobile power supply can be used in areas with long sunshine hours, but the general applicability is not strong. The mobile power supply with solar panels can be charged by sunlight during use to achieve the purpose of replenishing the power. This type of mobile power supply was previously mainly used in special forces and special industries. With the gradual increase in the conversion rate of solar panels, it has gradually become popular.
8. Tablet type
Tablet PC mobile power, tablet products have been able to basically meet the needs of high-efficiency office work anytime, anywhere, frequent use, short battery life, how to improve the use of flat-panel products, play the role of its maximum function is particularly important. Among them, the large-capacity 10400mAh tablet mobile power supply is the best solution for solving this problem. With a large-capacity mobile power supply, you can provide continuous power to your tablet products anytime, anywhere.
9. Wireless charging mobile power
It means that you don't need a USB cable to plug in, and you don't need a power cable to connect to the socket. It has a big fundamental difference from wireless chargers.
The principle of wireless charging mobile power: on the basis of the traditional mobile power, increase the wireless charging function. Functionally equivalent to a fusion of a mobile power supply and a wireless charger.
Since wireless charging requires a transmitting end and a receiving end, the mobile power supply is therefore equipped with a transmitting device based on the conventional mobile power source, and the charged mobile phone must be a wireless receiving charging coil that supports wireless charging. In the case where there is one coil at each of the transmitting and receiving ends, the transmitting end coil is connected to the wired power source to generate an electromagnetic signal, and the receiving end coil senses the electromagnetic signal of the transmitting end to generate a current to charge the battery.
Internal introduction 
There are four internal divisions: traditional separation, software three-in-one, hardware three-in-one, synchronous rectification, and software three-in-one synchronous rectification.
The traditional separation is MCU, charge management, DC-DC separation, and 1A efficiency is 88%. The advantage is that it has been widely accepted by the market. The most serious problem is that the efficiency is low (about 83%) in the case of 2A output, and the PCB fever is very serious.
Software three-in-one is MCU plus external MOS, synchronous rectification, 1A efficiency is about 91%.
The hardware three-in-one is implemented by hardware, and the software cannot be modified. 1A efficiency is about 86%. The problem is that non-synchronous rectification, low efficiency, and severe heat generation at 2A output.
Synchronous rectification is 1A efficiency up to 93% and 2A efficiency up to 88%. The biggest advantage is that it is small in size and low in heat. The disadvantage is that the price of synchronous rectification DC-DC chips is too high.
Software three-in-one synchronous rectification, 1A efficiency can reach 95%, 2A can reach 90%, can achieve high efficiency of charging and discharging, no heat, low cost and good performance. The disadvantage is the need for strong software + hardware technology design.
Polymer battery: Standard voltage 3.7 V, more shapes, customizable, large capacity, wide range of applications, such as: mobile phones, MP4,
Portable speakers, etc. The advantages of polymer battery mobile power, the appearance is less affected by the shape of the cell, most of them are fashionable, can be lighter and thinner, more portable, and more secure. The price is relatively high, and the inventory pressure is relatively large.
18650 lithium battery: The standard voltage is 3.7V, the volume is small, the capacity is large, and the standard voltage is 3.7V. It is mainly used in high-end products such as notebook computers. The characteristics of the 18650 lithium battery mobile power supply is that the appearance is greatly affected by the shape of the battery core, although the cost performance is higher, but the portability is relatively poor. The 18650 lithium battery is columnar, and the single cell is generally 2000-3400mAh.
AAA NiMH battery: The standard voltage is 1.2V. The capacity is relatively small. Wide range of applications, household appliances, toys, etc.
Lithium iron phosphate battery: Standard voltage 3.65V, also known as ferroelectric, long service life, safe, environmentally friendly, support fast charge and discharge, often used in power batteries, high-end mobile power and other fields.
Boost system
The boost mainstream technology basically adopts the DC to DC boost mode. Domestic technology conversion efficiency is generally low, generally 50-70%. Taiwan is 75-80%. The US is relatively higher. There are also buck solutions, the efficiency is relatively high, but the consistency of the cell is high, so it is rarely used.
Calculate the power output according to the product conversion efficiency:
Actual output capacity = (mobile power capacity 7800mAhx3.7Vx conversion rate 85%) / 5V = 4906mAh
Charging management system
At present, the domestic charging management system is relatively mature, and the intelligent IC monitors the entire charging process. Mainstream management ICs include PT4056, PX40, etc. Charging time 5000maH with 1A charger for about 6 hours. Too fast charging has an adverse effect on the life of the battery.
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