USB Flash Drive

Q: Why is the USB Flash Drive actual storage capacity slightly less that the product specification?

A: All storage products will display a lower than stated memory capacity. The reason is the general used method for calculation of megabyte used by manufacturers:

The calculation for a 32GB is done like this:

32GB= Bytes, 1024Byte = 1KB 30.250.000KB, 1024KB=1MB 30.517,58MB, 1024MB=1GB

30.517,58/1024= 29,8GB

Therefore a 32GB USB Flash Disk will show 29,8GB under Windows.


Q: Why can’t my USB Flash Drive reach the data transfer speed you show in the specifications?

A: USB flash drive is tested according to the industrial standard to test the transfer rate. Our test is performed under the standard of simplest condition and general accepted benchmark.

The speed is influenced by several factors such as:

(Motherboard (Driver, Firmware)

(The number and format of transferring data

(Operating System (Version)

(Related hardware ( i.e. USB cable, memory and so on)

All of these factors may have an influence on the transfer speed.


Q: Why does my USB Drive work on some computers, but not all ?

A: If USB flash drive worked on other computers, but not on yours, then the problem probably is within your system.


Below are some recommendations what will help you to solve this kind of problems:

If you had previously installed USB drivers for other devices, please remove them first. Enter your operation system safe mode and remove all unknown devices from device manager, it called universal serial bus controllers, then restart your computer in normal mode and then reconnect the USB flash drive.

Enter your motherboard BIOS setting (please refer to your motherboard manufactory for more information) and follow these procedures:

(a) Load Optimized Defaults, and select yes

(b) Choose Integrated Peripherals, and then select USB legacy support to enable

(c) Press F10 to save changes & exit setup

Enter your operation system and reinstall your motherboard USB drivers.

Update the BIOS for your motherboard.


Q: Can I request a sample?

A: Samples are available. Some models may be unavailable for immediate shipping as many of them are made to order. For customized printing order, usually takes 2-3 working days after got your design.


Q: Are there set-up charges associated with my flash drive order?

A: Printing on our USB drives involves no set-up fees. Custom shaped orders may require a set-up fee with the first order. All subsequent orders of custom shapes will require no additional fees if the final design is unchanged. Set-up fee for custom shaped can be refunded after order reach 3000pcs.


Q: Can you put my brand name (logo) on these products?

A: Yes, of course. OEM service is the most important part in our business.


Q: What types of files are needed for my artwork?

A: Many types of file formats will work for our printing processes. The suggested format for printing a 1-4 color print is a vector file. Examples of a vector file are .eps, .ai, and .cdr. If you do not have one of these formats available, we can also use high quality image files like .jpg, .png, and .psd. 


Q: Will you keep my artwork on file?

A: Finalized artwork will be stored to ensure that your future orders are as easy as possible.


Q: Do weekends count as production days?

A: Weekends do not count as production days. We only count business days when determining lead time, major holidays excluded.


Q: What are your working hours?

A: Our office hours are Monday through Saturday from 8am to 12pm EST, excluding some holidays. Any requests sent outside of our business hours will be answered the following business day.


Q: Do you offer drop shipping?

A: Yes, drop shipping is available. Just share with us your customer’s delivery address, and we will send them as per your request.


Q: Can I split my order and ship to multiple locations?

A: Of course. We ’ll be happy to assist, just share with us the detailed information.


Q: How many days needed for mass production?

A: It depends on the model and QTY. For simple model, it usually takes 3-4 working days for 2000pcs.


Q: How do you control the products quality?

A: After getting the USB chips, we will test them one by one. And if all ok, we will start assembly. Once finished, we will check chips again and outer shells or printing one by one. Once confirmed all ok, we will start packing and send them to you. We have 2 groups QC to follow each order. In this way, the defect items are already be disposed.


Q: What if I’m unhappy with my order?

A: If you’re unhappy with your order because the product is defective or ‘not as promised’ or the imprint quality is poor, we’ll retun your order or refund your money. We’ll even pay the shipping to get the problem product returned. We are in this for the long-haul and will work with you to be sure you’re 100% satisfied. Really!


Q: What if we didn’t get the goods on time?

A: If we miss your event because we didn’t ship on the date as we agreed with you, your order is FREE. But delivery time is out of our control. And we will try best to push forwarder about the shippment. Hope you can understand.


Q: What certificates do you have?

A: CE, ROHS and FCC.

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