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The chips which is the most importart part in USB flash drive. Also, this determine the price and the quality of usb flash drive. Here, we have several kinds of chips which can suit different usb outer shells. Here are the pictures:

Known as: UDP, PCBA, COB

What factor decides the cost of chips? That’s wafer, controller, speed, SLC/ MLC/ TLC....

- Wafer: we all used are Brand new wafer, not the second hand. Which means the warranty will be longer.

- Speed: It varies several kind of speed. From 2M-15M for write of USB 2.0, 15M-20M for write of USB 3.0.

- SLC/ MLC/ TLC: which means the rewriteable times. SLC can reach 100000 times, MLC: 5000-10000 times, TLC: 1000-500o times.


So, several kinds of the usb chips can fit different customer.

And for all of those chips, please be assured that we will tested a minimum of 3 times before reach you. In this way, the high quality products youll received. 


Production Procedures:

Inside factory:


Our equipment:



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